I Didn’t Blog For Months??!… Here Is Why

It has been awhile.  I have done a poor job of keeping this blog alive, but I promise to do better. I have really missed writing!

I have been away for a few reasons. The main reason being, I am working like 5 jobs right now in order to help my kids ( all grown up) and family. Another reason is that I have had a bit of a rough go of things mentally. I will explain that more soon. Another reason is my schedule is so busy and go go go all the time that I haven’t been able to find the best balance of things. Life is hard sometimes. I have a planner now, so I will do better in scheduling all the life stuff.

As I mentioned before I disappeared, I am now a Travel Agent. I do this part-time, but if the opportunity presented, I would consider making it more of a thing. You know I love anything travel, so to make that into a daily living would be so amazing. Heck, I even crossed a goal off my bucket list recently and finally got a map of the world inked on my arm!! …However, I have had a rough time. I have worked hard, I have spent hours building my contact lists, hours sending quotes and doing the best I can to help people find the perfect vacations.  But for some reason, I can not secure the bookings. I have asked for and followed the advice of those more experienced. I love the people I work with at the Agency, they have been amazing and so helpful. I know it takes time, but there have been moments when I have felt so unsupported by the other people around me. What I mean by this is, it is all well and good to tell me you are excited about my new business venture and say that you will come to see me for booking your next trip and even ask me to add you to my contact list…then months later, I see lovely Instagram posts of your most recent cruise. I realize saying this can harm my business but I have to keep things real. I think, why didn’t you book with me? I get so discouraged. I feel defeated. I feel like I am not doing a good job. I feel like why even bother? Then I have to sit back and think about it and realize that I do take things rather personal.  And honestly, maybe it is a personal reason. Not everyone has to like me or support me. Not everyone has to join and share my travel page. Not everyone I know has to book through me. Maybe I need to advertise more and clarify how well I know my stuff. And maybe people think I don’t know what I am doing. I can assure you I do, and if I ever come across something I am unsure of, I have lots of help at the Agency to get the answers I need! So at the end of the day, I will keep on keeping on and I will do my calls, send out my invites, work my ballot boxes, and the right clients will come along at the right time. I will set aside the time to do what I need to do to make this happen. It will happen.

This is turning out bo to be a long post. But I hope you can understand, and I hope that those of you that are here for me can continue to be supportive because that means everything to me!

On a side note, I found an amazing map tapestry on Amazon. Click here to see and purchase! it’s a must-have for any travellers decor.

Have a great day everyone!



What is the meaning of all this Expedia??

I am going to answer some questions about my new part-time gig. Why? Because rather than let people talk and relay false info I am just going to lay it all out there. Let’s get right into it.

  1. Am I quitting my regular job? …NO!!!!!! I love my job and I love the people I work with and I am definitely not quitting! In fact, I am starting a new position next week which I am over the moon excited for!
  2. Is this legit?….YES!!!! If you are on my contact list and part of my seven seas club you will receive my introductory letter as well as any other email updates you want to receive.
  3. What if I want to be on your list but don’t want the emails?…. That is fine. I can make it so you don’t receive them and still let you know about important deals! Just let me know what you are interested in and not interested in.
  4. Will I be spammed with other emails?…NO! If you are being spammed I assure you it is not from me. My emails will all have my signature so you will know it is me.
  5. What if I don’t plan to travel yet or can’t afford to?… You can still be on my contact list in the event that you change your mind! And the best part is, you can click on the link to my website and enter to win a trip for 2! Yes that is real and people really do win and it really is what it says it is!
  6. Why you ?… Well, I can offer you deals through Expedia that are not available with other travel agencies. We often get special deals contracted just for us!
  7. Why not just use the Expedia website myself?… Well, you can, but you often won’t see the deals that our travel agents have access to such as the 3 days sales, special deposit discounts, cruise packages, and pre-cruise hotel and excursion and tour deals. Also, we can book it all at once which saves you the hassle and confusion.

Message me with any more questions and I will answer them for you in my next post! In the meantime click on over to my website:


Bucket List

Today I am going to share with you my bucket list. Keep in mind that I am aware that it may not all be realistic. but it’s fun to dream. The items are in no particular order.

  1. Climb Everest Base Camp
  2. Visit all Disney parks
  3. Visit the split colored waters in Alaska
  4. pet a penguin
  5. hold a koala
  6. Go on a cruise around the world
  7. take my conservatory piano exams
  8. learn Taekwondo and become a black belt
  9. become a full-time traveller
  10. visit every country on earth
  11. hold a sloth
  12. publish my book
  13. write more books
  14. finish my degree
  15. get a tattoo
  16. learn the violin
  17. learn guitar
  18. learn to swim
  19. get my drivers licence
  20. go to space camp ( is there an adult version?)
  21. See Ellen live
  22. see Jimmy Fallon live
  23. Backstreet Boys cruise
  24. Backpack all of Europe in one summer
  25. see all sets of the 7 wonders
  26. buy and around the world plane ticket
  27. road trip across Canada

Anything I should add ?

You Pick My Next Solo Destination

I have decided that my next destination will be India. I am going with a friend sometime in October. The plans are all tentative at this point but it is happening. I cannot wait to see this beautiful country. I plan to buy alot of skirts.

Now, my next solo destination is another question. I am jumping out of my skin. I need to hop a plane. I need to fly. I need to see a new country. I am not sure if I will be doing this before or after India, but I need to go soon! Which is where you come in. I need suggestions. I have literally every country in the world on my bucket list so I have a real problem when it comes to narrowing things down. Do I spin the globe and point? Do I just go down the list? Alphabetically? So help me. I will take all of your suggestions. Either post in comments or private message. Then at the end of June, I will put all the suggestions in a hat. Whatever one I pick is where I go. No destination is off limits. Just be kind LOL.

Have at it.

Calgary Zoo

Megan and I hadn’t been to the zoo in years so we headed to Calgary for the last weekend of the summer with our friend Stephenie and her boys Owen and Dean.  It was a hot day but we managed to stay cool until the end of the day when the heat caught up to us. SO there are no pictures past the flamingos. I would have liked to see the tigers but I was so overheated. So Megan took Owen to the last little bit while Steph and I took Dean to cool off.

Penguins. For me, this was the most important part of the Zoo trip. I love penguins, they are so cute and I really want to pet one!


We then went into one of the visitors centres and saw a presentation on the Argentinian red tagu. The story of how this animal made it into the zoo is very interesting. It is the only one of its kind that the zoo has. Because it was dumped there. I guess someone had it as an exotic pet and then changed their mind. They don’t know who it was that dumped it but the reason was obvious. These animals can be vicious. It was discovered when one of the zookeepers was tending to another animal and this thing leaped out of the bushes and nearly attacked the worker. The zoo decided to keep it since it is such an unusual animal. Since it is so unpredictable, visitors were not allowed to touch it and had to keep a short distance from it.


Another of my favorites were the owls. They were hard to spot at first but once you find one you see them all. They are good hiders.

And of course the flamingos, Meerkats and Giraffes. I won’t talk your ear off about every animal at the zoo but I just wanted to share and document some of my highlights. The zoo is always a fun experience for all ages, I love it every time, it never gets old. And rumor has it there are pandas coming!!!!  Looks like I will be returning to the zoo very soon.

Last Day in Victoria

For our last few hours in Victoria, we decided to spend the time relaxing. We ate at our favorite food truck one more time, then spent the afternoon down at the docks enjoying the street performers and sunshine. We saw a singing trio that I somehow did not get a picture of, and my only video got deleted so I have nothing to show for that one but they were really good singers and added to the laid-back atmosphere of the docks. I think my favorite part of Victoria was hanging out at the docks. We also watched a street performer who did a very odd routine with a unicycle. Odd is the only way to describe it because none of it made any sense but it was hilarious. He would get audience members to hold the unicycle as he tried to get up onto it. during this process, he fell a few times, once over the wall behind him. He also got stuck and ranted about how he does not get paid and will refuse all donations. Some tourists tried to offer donations which he actually did decline.

We ate ice cream and gyros from another food stand, sat in the crowd and watched the boats, walked around Victoria one more time and headed back to our Hostel.

We arranged our shuttle for the next morning and relaxed for the rest of the evening after packing up and eating supper. Elias and I were both sad to leave. Victoria is a beautiful place and I miss being there. I will definitely go back one day.

**If you are in the Victoria area and want a true backpackers experience, stay at the Ocean Island Backpackers Hotel. It’s walking distance to everything and it is very clean and comfy with a very cool vibe to it.

Our whale watching tour was with Prince of Whales tours, and our zipline adventure was in Sooke BC through Adrenaline Adventures.

Butchart Gardens tour was through Viator which you can either purchase online or in person at the little kiosk in front of the Empress Hotel. The comfy tour bus also picks up and drops off at the Empress at regular intervals throughout the day. **

Zipline Adventure

We went on a zip line adventure. It was terrifying, and I didn’t even complete the course. I only did one of the ziplines before I started shaking and crying.

I tried. I was determined to do it. It took me forever to finally step off the ledge and do the first zip line. I have never been so scared in my life! We got to the next line and I even volunteered to go first to make sure I didn’t chicken out. I got up there and froze. I couldn’t do it. I stood there for several minutes, while the rest of the group encouraged me. I couldn’t. I cried and they took me down and drove me back to the little building to wait for the group. My son was a champ and did the entire course. I felt so terrible. He assured me that it was ok that I had to go back. He had fun and that is what is important. I am proud of him for completing it. He wasn’t even scared. He did it with one hand even!

The course is I think is 7 different lines, which get higher and longer. I never could have done it especially the 1000ft one. No way.

I would like to say that I will try it again but honestly, I am ok with not doing it. It was on my bucket list, and I sort of did it, so I am good now!

When we got back we ate at our favorite food truck and hung out at the docks. We did some more walking around and went to china town again to see fan fan alley.  This is the narrowest street in Canada.  It was originally a gambling district and opium den but now it is a tourist street with shops. It is quite squishy at first but once you walk down into the alley where the shops are it is really cool.

And of course the Empress Hotel and Emily Carr statue.